Counseling Services


Spiritual Counseling

John Pellicci

John has a unique ability to cut through the confusion and complexity of the ego and get to the root of the issue no matter what it is. His guidance moves you toward practical solutions and action-based remedies that work. His understanding of world spirituality and depth psychology will inspire, empower, and encourage you to live to your highest potential.

$150.00 (60 min. session)

Life & Wellness Coach

Melissa Pellicci

As a life coach, Melissa will stand by you with whatever you want to create in your life. Whether you are working on relationships, career goals, health or finances, she will help you create a structure that will bring you success. There is no better or brighter than Melissa to hold you accountable to creating the life that you really want.

$222.00 (20 min. session via phone)

Couples Counseling

John and Melissa Pellicci

Melissa and John are committed to helping other couples experience authentic, love-filled relationships. By holding a powerful space of clear communication and insight, they assist couples in healing and releasing the old patterns that block true intimacy and sacred partnership.

$200.00 (60 min. session)

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