Religiously Incorrect


Watch Here: Where the sacred meets the irreverent – in these fun and deeply illuminating live TV shows, we feature some of the greatest luminaries and thought leaders in the areas of spirituality, religion and consciousness studies. Uplift your spirit with provocative conversations and refine your thinking to open your heart to all that is possible. ** We apologize for the sometimes low quality audio and video. This is a work in progress and we are committed to improving future episodes.


with Rabbi Paskin and Sufi Shalabi

    Meet our guest panelists, Rabbi Paskin and Sufi Shalabi, as they interact with John, Scott K. and Scott F. Despite the ongoing tensions between the Muslim and Jewish worlds, on this stage there was love, understanding and mutual respect between these two great luminaries. Funny, powerful and profound!

This free video is approximately 1 hour and 52 minutes

David Paskin and Amany Shalaby

David Paskin, or Rabbi David as he is known by his congregants, is an accomplished spiritual leader, singer/songwriter, entertainer and award-winning educator. Prior to moving to Florida, David served as the rabbi and spiritual leader of Temple Beth Abraham in Canton, Massachusetts for 17 years. David is currently a rabbi at Congregation Beit Kulam in Delray Beach, Florida.

Amany Shalaby graduated as an electrical engineer from `Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. She then obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies and her Master's Degree in Comparative Philosophy of Religions from the Islamic College of Advancing Studies, Middlesex University, London, UK.

Amany works as a translator of Islamic books and teaches in diverse study circles across the United States on Islamic spirituality. Amany is the author of The Essence of Creation and the forthcoming book of poetry, Hidden Pearls.

She is a co-founder of Radiant Hands Inc., an organization that helps single mothers in need, and Nur Corner Institute


with Chip Jurskis and Chris Berry

    Chip Jurskis (The Pastor), Minister at First Jupiter Church and Chris Berry (The Atheist), Psychologist join our hosts to engage in the perennial questions of whether or not there is a God… and if there is what can we know about Him? Her? Or It? Watch and see for yourself this clash of worldviews!

This free video is approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes

Chip Jurskis (Christian Minister) and Chris Berry (The Atheist)

Chip Jurskis comes to Jupiter First Church after serving 15 years as the Independent Christian Church campus minister at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. As the founder of this ministry he also established BREAD, a free coffeehouse in 2001. This community-building ministry served all members of the diverse student body at Emory University and pointed to the gospel through love and hospitality. At First Jupiter Church, Chip is responsible for ministering to the needs of young families and for creating programs that strengthen families. Chip comes to Jupiter with his lovely wife Amy and their two teenaged children, Arden and Lily. Chip has a BA in Religion from University of Georgia and a Masters of Arts in Christine Doctrine from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.

Chis Berry (The Atheist)

Chris Berry was born in Miami while his father was in the Air Force. He lived in a number of different places growing up - including Hawaii, Italy, and many others. Chris was raised a Pentecostal Christian. His mother would ‘speak in tongues’ in church and was very religious. As he grew older, he began to research philosophy, other religions and began to question all of his pervious childhood beliefs. In his late teens, he began to really question the existence of God. Ironically, Chris chose to attend a Christian college, he was comfortable in that setting, but looked forward to being the one nonbeliever in class. :) While in college, Chris hosted a Sports Radio talk show on AM radio in West Palm Beach (1340 WPBR). He earned a Bachelor’s degree in both Political Science and History, then a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

He taught high school history for 13 years and worked part time as a therapist. Two years ago Chris left teaching altogether and is now a therapist full-time. He is passionate about philosophy, psychology, and politics (Volunteering twice for President Obama - during his election and then reelection). Chris has 2 children – Samantha, age 18 and Nicholas, age 11.


with Mala Malay

    In this fourth episode, Maya Malay, a Jungian therapist and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism explores the practical and profound dimensions of the Buddhist path of transformation. In this conversation John and Maya touch upon how to live in simple mindfulness, and how to cultivate compassion and deep insight into the nature of mind.

This free video is approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes

Maya Malay (Buddhist Monk)

For more than 25 years, Maya Malay has been counseling and facilitating seminars and retreats, guiding individuals, couples and groups to greater levels of peace, happiness and fulfillment. Maya has a Master’s degree in Theology, is a Pastoral Counselor, Loving Relationships Counselor and is ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist Ngakma and Inter-Faith Minister.

By combining various modalities such as hypnotherapy, meditation and lotus-breathing with Spiritual Psychology, Maya gently motivates her clients on the journey of healing and awakening.

Maya has appeared on several television and radio shows, speaking about meditation and its use for stress relief, building harmonious relationships, dream-study, past-life regression and Buddhism.


with Karen Torres

    In this month's episode, John welcomes Karen Torres, an extraordinarily talented healer and spiritual alchemist. Karen asserts that everyone has immense power… power to heal and power to create. Watch and learn how to unleash this unlimited potential within your being so that you may access more of your higher frequency light and information for greater levels of health, joy, abundance and a closer contact to Source.

This free video is approximately 1 hour and 19 minutes

Karen Torres (Healing Practitioner)

Karen Torres has over twenty years experience as a healing practitioner in various modalities including cranio-sacral, Matrix Energetics and medical intuition. As a Shamanic/ Alchemical Practitioner, her specialities include energy clearing, extraction, deprogramming and neurological work, and house and property cleaning. Karen has studied with indigenous shamans from Shipibo, Q’ero and Huichol traditions. Karen works by removing energetic blocks, entities and dark forces and installing light packets filled with alchemy. She works with a powerful team of ascended masters and light beings that will help you access your own information, activate your dormant DNA and upgrade your consciousness.


with Jvalamukhi Kopecka

    John welcomes Jvalamukhi Kopecka. Jvala grew up in ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This movement was hijacked by sinister “gurus”, who were full of hypocrisy and perpetrators of ritual abuse, distorting the pure God-centered teachings of the great founder of the movement. Caught in the midst of this bewildering nightmare, Jvala developed a fierce determination to purify her own heart, heal from the inside out and thus uphold the pure teachings of Love, no matter what.

This free video is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

Jvalamukhi Kopecka

Jvala's work includes energy clearing, chakra balancing, exorcisms, reconnecting with the Divine, and much, much more. She helps her clients overcome those heavy, chronic obstacles on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally that hold them back from becoming light and living in fullness.

Healing Services:

  • Trauma & Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Relationship Challenges Harmonization
  • Infant or Child Behavior Balancing
  • House & Property Clearings for Sales or Peace of Mind
  • Chronic and Acute Stress Release
  • Physical Pain Easement
  • Facilitation of Peaceful Birth/Death Transition
  • Releasing Patterns of Self Sabotaging Behavior
  • Personal Growth to Achieve Goals/Aspirations

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with Edd Edwards

    John welcomes Edd Edwards ~ Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy Specialist Edd Edwards is an Energy phenomenon! A real life X-Man. He has worked with universities around the country who have studied his amazing ability to change energy fields in other people's brains and bodies. Whether its individuals, large crowds, or household pets, Edd's use of Resonant Energy works as a catalyst for instantaneous healing and energy movement.

Edd Edwards

Edd desires to help others heal themselves and is focused on and devoted to teaching others about this energy work. Come and experience for yourself this fascinating healing modality, and learn how Edd is helping scientists change their paradigm on what's possible.

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with Scott Feinberg

    John and Scott will discuss everything from the non-dual traditions and the experience of the deeper dimensions of Yoga, to parenthood, politics, and conscious capitalism. This conversation will have you laughing, learning and growing in appreciation of who you are and what we can accomplish as an awakened community.

Scott Feinberg

Scott is an entrepreneur, social activist, and Yogi. Scott counts among his blessings being a dad, a writer, and a transformational coach. He is the founder of Kula Yoga Shala, a donation based yoga and healing arts collaborative in Jupiter, FL. His work weaves together sacred healing practices with insightful teachings to cultivate a feeling of nourishment and renewal. An avid lover of dharma, his studies reflect an integration of Yogic, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies with social action. In 2005 he co-founded Karma Krew, launching yoga outreach initiatives in over 100 cities across the world. He’s enjoyed leading healing and outreach retreats to Peru, Tuscany, Costa Rica, the Florida Gulf Coast (post Katrina) and beyond.

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with Lourdes Starshower

    Our first 2017 episode features Lourdes Starshower, a sacred sexuality coach, Tantra healer, and clinical hypnotherapist. In this interview, John and Lourdes will explore the secret teachings of inner alchemy and sexuality found at the core of all of our spiritual traditions, and how this timeless wisdom can enhance our lives and relationships.

Lourdes Starshower

Lourdes Starshower is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, Sacred Sexuality Coach, Relationship Coach, Reiki Master and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Lourdes specializes in helping individuals and couples actualize their divine ecstatic sexual and spiritual potential. She’s passionate about bringing more Love into the world by teaching singles and couples to integrate their sexuality with their heart and consciousness in workshops, classes and private sessions. Lourdes awakens and heals women, coaches and empowers men, and counsels, reconnects and ignites couples. She has helped hundreds of people from all over the world to enhance their intimacy, ignite their passion and expand their joy.