The Miracles 365 program provides you with a personal guide as you learn to apply the teachings of the Workbook Lessons in A Course in Miracles to your life. Each of the 365 daily Workbook Lessons will be illuminated and explored with you in a daily video by John Pellicci. John will share his knowledge and experience and show you how, with a little willingness and regular practice, to remove all the blocks to your awareness of love’s presence in your life. What you are left with is peace and all-encompassing love.
A Course in Miracles (often just called “The Course”) consists of a thorough and detailed text, 365 Daily Lessons and a Manual for Teachers. It is a curriculum that speaks to the soul, divinely designed to bring you into alignment with your life purpose. So join with the many companions who journey with you. Learn to fully embrace the light and love that is your true identity and bring abundance and miracles to your life.
You will receive a journal guide that will assist you in fully understanding the workbook lessons and uncovering the blocks that you are currently facing. This personal and comprehensive approach will bring lasting transformation to your spirit and bring much joy to your world!
Join us for a miraculous year - MIRACLES 365 will open your heart, illuminate your mind and you will live in the light of your truth.

The MIRACLES 365 program is your daily companion for studying and practicing "A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons". This educational program for retraining the mind will bring the workbook lessons to life for you. There are 365 Lessons in all – 1 for each day of the year.

You will find the experience and insight from a knowledgeable teacher of the Course will help you achieve the goal of the Lessons and the Course - a peaceful mind.


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Experiencing A Course in Miracles

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The Power of Presence Course Material

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7



The Root of your Life – The Core of who you are

A Lifestyle Program, designed to work with your schedule.

This Chakra deals with the basic need and role of survival and how consciousness anchors in to your physical body. Your home and basic needs of shelter and protection come in to play here. Interesting tips related to the science of Feng Shui will be additionally offered in this module enabling a greater sense of connection to home. In addition, you will release unwanted trauma that has held you back and you will develop a sense of grounding and connection to being in your body that serves as a beginning step towards higher self actualization.

You will discover:

  • Life doesn’t have to be a struggle
  • Learn to relax in the present moment
  • Feeling safe and connected to your breath
  • Standing in your person power and your relationship to the planet
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Qi-Prana-Life Force

Your Relationship to Life – Cultivating positive emotions and relationships

A Lifestyle Program, designed to work with your schedule.

This Chakra tells the story of emerging out of earth where consciousness comes to life. Breathing exercises are especially important and connective in this module. In addition, Qi-gong tips will be offered here enabling a greater sense of fluidity and connection to emerging relationships and consciousness. You will develop greater integrity and intimacy skills as they relate to your relationships and learn to love your shadow that often tries to block healthy loving emotions.

You will discover:

  • Gratitude for the people in your life
  • How to transform the most difficult relationships
  • Guided mindfulness practices around feelings and emotions
  • Qi Gong and pranayama exercises to balance your Qi
  • Self Rieki techniques, to calm and energize your system
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Connecting to power and action – finding the fire in your life

A Lifestyle Program, designed to work with your schedule.

This chakra begins to access the higher potentials of mind. If in balance, you can start to discern between important distinctions of truth and illusion and power versus force. With mind, comes the emergence of ego and the exercises offered in this module will help clear blind spots associated with ego as you begin to burn away the impurities that block the road to higher consciousness. You will also empower yourself through setting and accomplishing goals as well as aligning career with life purpose.

You will discover:

  • Yoga exercises to ignite the sacred fire
  • Purify and amplify your will-power
  • How to set goals for direction and focus, and fulfill on them
  • Cutting away confusion and zero in on your purpose
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The Quiet Center – opening and illuminating the Heart

A Lifestyle Program, designed to work with your schedule.

This Chakra begins to bring in to balance the pairing of opposites. Spirituality, unity and loving kindness practices form here to ultimately heal the heart. Special Buddhist inspired meditations cultivate compassion. You will experience radical forgiveness and develop kindness for yourself and others. Through ACIM teachings you will understand how to release past grievances and experience peace with everyone in your life.

You will discover:

  • The healing power of EFT
  • Asana and breathing practices that purify and energize the heart
  • Buddhist-inspired meditations (tong len & metta) for healing relationships
  • Experiencing profound freedom through the teachings of radical forgiveness
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Creativity and self-expression – Speak your truth to manifest your destiny

A Lifestyle Program, designed to work with your schedule.

This Chakra encompasses the most subtle form of all the elements. This is where you begin to speak your truth and find the sacred word leading you to embody your true divine will versus the will of the ego. You will learn advanced communication skills to create and transform your life. You will chant mantras and connect to healing sounds to empower your authentic self breaking past old and destructive patterns of communication. A true distinction emerges here between the 3rd chakra of ego mind will and 5th throat chakra embodying divine will.

You will discover:

  • Being in action around expressing your gifts
  • The potential of Word and how it creates your world
  • How integrity and manifestation are connected
  • What it is to be unconstrained and share who you are with others
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Intuitive Insight Awakens – Opening the inner eye and seeing the Unseen


This Chakra begins to see through appearances and in to the true essence of things. Divine ideas and thoughts begin to interface with physicality leading to greater insight. Domains of higher wisdom and understanding emerge. You see and hear the thoughts of God. You will learn powerful visual techniques to amplify higher vision and meditation designed to enhance third eye activation and sensitivity.

You will discover:

  • Peaceful problem solving techniques
  • Breakthroughs in self-knowledge
  • Sharpen and sub-utilize your ability of discernment
  • How to examine mental content and emotional states with detachment and stillness
  • The unity behind the diversity of spiritual teachings
  • Training the mind in “higher thinking”
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White Light

Intuitive Insight Awakens – Opening the inner eye and seeing the Unseen


This Chakra is both the beginning and the end. It is the domain of the white light containing all the chakras in their highest form. Consciousness begins to fruit and flower leading to infinite potential taking you back to source. It is where the individual crosses over to state of awe and divine communion. You will break through resistances to God and develop a clear distinction between spirituality and religion. Yoga Nidra practices and non-dual meditation ignite the ultimate transformative state of being.

You will discover:

  • Relationship with your ishta devata
  • Reconnection with the Source of life
  • The immediacy and all pervasive quality of divine Presence
  • How to open and receive Grace
  • The deep benefits of Yoga Nidra
  • Various methods of Non-dual meditation

The above outlined program is a true journey in to the deepest dimensions of self and its manifestation in this world.

You can follow this at your own pace and monitor your own transformation step by step, on every level.

We will always be here to guide and assist you.

This program offers the greatest depth and impact on your life, it also provides an important first step and entry in to the realms of your chakra system and highest being.

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