Who We Are

imageBig Mind Training is the manifestation of a long awaited intention to create healing and bring about transformation to the hearts and minds of all we reach. With our team of highly trained and specialized healers, Big Mind applies a deep passion and expertise to exploring the hidden and intuitive abilities in every one. To unleash your maximum power and potential takes training and practice. Each of us brings our distinct practices and teachings to you in these programs.

We have been called together for the specific purpose of crafting and sharing programs for integration, expansion and transformation of individuals, businesses and communities.

In the areas of; wellness and wholeness, fitness and nutrition, yoga and meditation - specifically focused in online courses, that guide you through a purposefully formulated process to integrate all dimensions of Mind, Body and Spirit. This reveals and renews your connection to the authentic, awakened, and empowered Self.

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Management Team

Big Mind Training is a creative infusion of the brilliant and dedicated minds that built it.


John Pellicci, BA, LYT

Managing Partner and Chief Spiritual Consultant and Developer;
Advanced Soul Healer, Teacher and Speaker

As a professional spiritual teacher, speaker and guide, John embodies a unique gift and power that impacts humanity and heals on the deepest spiritual level. Trained and educated in Philosophy, Old Testament literature, Biblical languages, Yoga and Zen Buddhism, John inspires his audience towards a new way of thinking, outlining a distinction between truth and illusion-based living. His Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, combined with a Master’s degree in Theology; together with an Ashtanga Yoga Certification, Landmark Education Facilitator, Meditation Teacher and Teacher of A Course in Miracles, John not only delves into his own personal healing daily but also shares his journey with audiences around the country. People searching for greater self understanding and peace of mind seek his gentle yet powerful spirit, to connect to their desired God given destiny for happiness and lasting change. His ultimate message is to teach that it is a divine right to be happy and ensures his audiences believe that.

Most recently, John captures the essence of his teachings in a variety of on-line courses available 24 hours a day. His spiritually-based wisdom is outlined in Module-based formulas enriched with healing and meditation practices that direct people to transformation through a guided path to inner divinity. Through the Big Mind network, John’s message will be spread among products, programs, services and potentially healing centers catering to individuals, groups and corporations.




Melissa Pellicci, BS, LYT

Managing Partner and Chief Nutrition and Diet Expert;
Advanced Fitness Marketer and Trained Yoga Therapist

Having struggled through the auto-immune illness of Addison’s disease, Melissa learned the importance of self-healing and health early on. She is educated in the power of food and how food interplays with the physical, mental and spiritual processes that ultimately lead her clients to greater strength, nutritional balance and vitality. In addition, her passion for marketing allows her to guide the Big Mind team into new venues and wider audiences where greater healing can take place. The ultimate goal is to make a difference in the way people live their lives and the way companies do business. A Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Fitness coupled with certifications in Sports Yoga, Ashtanga and Yoga Nidra, Melissa combines the wisdom behind yoga asana with strategic diet to guide clients to lasting health.

Enthusiastically sharing her gift, she offers a female and vibrant energy to the Big Mind team where together they all utilize their unique strengths to offer a comprehensive and well thought out package of products, programs, on-line courses and business marketing services to individuals and newly-trained professionals around the world.




Will Willis, Jr.

Business Development Advisor

Will has decades of experience with both publicly and privately held companies with domestic and international reach. These companies include leaders in the food, healing, health & beauty aids, healthcare, technology, sustainable/renewable energy, restaurant, software, and paper products industries. Will held executive positions with Frito-Lay, International Playtex and The Keyes Fibre Company (Chinet disposable tableware). At the age of 29, he became the President of Jeno's Frozen Foods where his professional expertise expanded from Marketing & Sales to Senior Management. Will has held President, Chairman or “C” positions at Jeno's, The Mennen Company, Insituform Technologies, On-Site Analysis, Inc., Plankwalk llc, and MBf USA.

In addition to large company management experience, Will has been involved in over 25 acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, bankruptcy reorganizations, turnarounds and startups. With the unique ability to transition between industries, Will can quickly determine the critical issues impeding growth and provide action plans for success.

Will has written two books and guest lectures at a number of Universities and Colleges (Columbia University, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, and the University of Oklahoma). He holds a BA degree from Columbia College and a MBA from Columbia University School of Business.

In 2012, when Will was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer and given only a few months to live, he embraced the lifestyle encouraged and espoused by Big Mind Training. Today, just four years later, he's 100% cancer free and living life to its' fullest.